About the Designer

TRUSSO SWIM was started in 2018 by fashion designer Taylor Russo. A 20 year old at the time who studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She supports young people pursuing their goals and small businesses derived off of passion. 

A luxe swimwear brand handmade with high quality fabrics where we are branching into the use of recycled fabrics made from recycled water bottles. TRUSSO SWIM is a limited collection with a high fashion and timeless aesthetic. Taylor takes into consideration that each body is different, therefore, she makes each suit interchangeable so you can choose which pieces you want to go together! and even better they can transform from the beach to nightlife! 

Her sole priority is to make her bathing suits one of a kind with high quality premium fabrics and trims that don't harm the environment. She wanted it to be more than just another swimwear brand, therefor, she provides meaning behind each one of her suits making each one more unique! She is constantly expanding her brand by including more sizes, different cuts, and exploring more clothing options.



Happy Shopping!

Taylor Russo   xx