SS19 "Etoile de Mer" Collection:

Our Summer 2019 Collection “Etoile de Mer”comes from the french language meaning sea star. As already known, a sea star is known for its beauty, texture, and ability to regenerate its limbs. The limb will grow back slowly if it is cut off.
I wanted to use this regeneration quality as a metaphor to us as people. Not that if we cut off our limbs they will grow back, but more in the way that we can cut off toxic aspects of our lives-- relationships, friendships, habits-- to start fresh. We can turn a new leaf and start new at any moment with no limits. With all the wounds that life brings, we regenerate skin not to cover it up, but to start fresh. We can create new goals and friendships to help us build a better mindset.
Personally, I knew that in order to be successful in life and start this line, I had to improve qualities of mine-- whether that meant being able to explain myself clearly, be aggressive, public speaking or show off my work. For myself, I wanted to turn a "new leaf" with creating this line. This transformation is not something that will happen over night. It takes time, just like the sea star has to take time to grow back its legs. There are no limits placed on when, where, and why to start new. We have this ability deep within us, and each one of these bathing suits portrays this ongoing them of starting new.